Football Manager 2005

November 12th, 2004

From Sports Interactive, comes the next step in the evolution of management simulations – Football Manager 2005.

With over 10 years of football management gaming experience spent developing a games engine and database second to none, no-one offers a greater depth of knowledge into the real world of the beautiful game than the team behind Football Manager 2005.

If you know football, if you love football, then you'll love Football Manager 2005. The game created by football fans, for football fans.

Key Features

UNPARALLELED CHOICE & DEPTH - PSV? Italy? Accrington Stanley? With more than playable 5,000 teams from over 50 countries to work with, you’ll have more choice than ever. Each player boasts more than 100 attributes, including "preferred moves" that have star players flaunting the skills that made them famous. Sports Interactive has had a 2,500-strong global research team massing stats on a quarter of a million players and staff - no footy management game has ever been so complete.

TOTAL TACTICAL CONTROL - Heard of total football? Well this is total control. Sports Interactive have ramped up the scope of on-pitch management further than ever before, putting you in complete control of your team’s creative freedom, width and tempo. Innovative slider bars now maximise the accuracy of your input, putting you in charge of the finest details. Shape your team and issue instructions to each and every player, ensuring they perform to the standards their pay packets demand.

MASTER THE MEDIA SPOTLIGHT - Wage psychological war against rivals via media manipulation and mind games. Crack under the pressure and your empire will start to crumble: the players’ respect will disintegrate along with their performances, prospective star signings won’t want to play for you and the support of the fans will be lost. The board will be asking questions… will you have the answers?

BUILT FOR PACE AND LOOKS - Sports Interactive’s celebrated data engine has been optimized to enable background calculations to be made whilst you make your important managerial decisions. The game runs faster than Sports Interactive’s previous work and boasts a new intuitive user interface and simplified, customisable search functions to make your life easier. Football Manager 2005 allows you ultimate control with the minimum of stress.