NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005

May 27th, 2005


  • A fresh new look for 2005 including a fully skinnable user interface, the ability to use right mouse clicking as well as increased resolution
  • Unrivalled hockey content updated for 2005, featuring over 20 playable leagues, a comprehensive database of 3,200 teams and in excess of 32,000 players and staff
  • Users can take advantage of the new 2D snapshot view to reveal player positioning second-by-second whilst coaching the game.
  • Detailed rules and regulations of in game competitions, including eligibility, discipline rules and important league dates
  • Brand new training camps allow you to test try-outs and see how new players fit in.
  • Expanded international tournaments - enabling managers of both senior and junior international squads to experience the full annual calendar of games

Improvements on NHL Eastside Hockey Manager

  • Revamped scouting giving you detailed information on potential acquisitions such as player comparisons, report cards and career projections.
  • Team reports, which now included information on whose hot and who’s not in the roster. New depth charts allow you to get an accurate overview at anytime of your organisation. Keep an eye on the up-and-coming talent, as well as analysing stats such as your best shooter, best enforcer and even your most overrated players
  • Player Bio Screen with an overview of all the players in the game as well as their seasons stats, career record and up-and-coming milestones
  • Extended statistics as well as a much requested ‘Hot or Not’ report feature.
  • More feedback than ever before on trade negotiations. Computer teams now provide feedback on their reasons for rejecting your offers. You can now set your own team needs and requirements
  • Appease a tetchy board by firing your head coach if you get a run of bad results.
  • Additional financial planning for your roster, allowing you to effectively manage your player wages budgets for future seasons