Date Joined: 
Date Joined: 
May 2014
Club supported: 
Games worked on at SI: 
Games worked on away from SI: 
Favourite All Time Footballer: 
Emile Heskey
Favourite Sport other than Football: 
There is stuff outside of football?
Favourite Game (other than FM of course!): 
The Europa Universalis series of games
Proudest moment in your career: 

Being hired at Sports Interactive, after getting top marks in my MSc is definitely the greatest moment so far.

The SI Team

The Sports Interactive studio is now just shy of 100 employees spread across Development, Production, QA, PR & Marketing, Analysis, Commercial and IT. Sports Interactive is headed up by Studio Director Miles Jacobson and creators of Football Manager, Paul and Ov Collyer, are both still at the studio concentrating on their passion for programming. 

If you'd like to be part of the SI Team then please visit our Careers section for a list of our current vacancies