Date Joined: 
Date Joined: 
Club supported: 
Games worked on at SI: 
CM2 series, CM3 series, CM4 series, CM Quiz series, FM series, FMH series, EHM series, OOTP, FML, FMO.
Games worked on away from SI: 
Around 30 games as a music supervisor
Favourite All Time Footballer: 
John Barnes
Favourite Sport other than Football: 
There are other sports apart from Football?
Favourite Game (other than FM of course!): 
Of all time, PacMan
Proudest moment in your career: 

In my SI career, the success, both quality wise and sales wise, of Football Manager 2005 and being in the position to raise as much money we have as a studio for WarChild.

In my FM career, winning the Champions Cup with Watford.