Date Joined: 
Date Joined: 
Club supported: 
Games worked on at SI: 
EHM series, OOTP series, FM07 onwards (Handheld) & all versions of FM (PC/Mac)
Games worked on away from SI: 
Total Club Manager 2004, Total Club Manager 2003, Rogue Ops, Die Hard: Vendetta, SEGA Arcade Gallery, Wizards (unreleased), Jet Riders (unreleased), Lab Rat, PureFootball Online Manager, PureFootball Manager, Soccer All Stars
Favourite All Time Footballer: 
Alan Shearer
Favourite Game (other than FM of course!): 
In the past it would be games like Half Life, Tomb Raider, Goldeneye 64, ISS 64 & Sensible Soccer, but in the present day Skyrim wins hands down. FM is and will always be my first love though!
Proudest moment in your career: 

Starting my coaching qualifications through work, which led to an opportunity to help coach the QPR Ladies team during the most successful period in their history. We won a couple of cups and the South West Combination League and promotion to the FA Women's Premier League. Meeting Alan Shearer through work was also a real highlight