Date Joined: 
Date Joined: 
Club supported: 
Games worked on at SI: 
EHM series, OOTP series, FM07 onwards (Handheld) & all versions of FM (PC/Mac)
Games worked on away from SI: 
Total Club Manager 2004, Total Club Manager 2003, Rogue Ops, Die Hard: Vendetta, SEGA Arcade Gallery, Wizards (unreleased), Jet Riders (unreleased), Lab Rat, PureFootball Online Manager, PureFootball Manager, Soccer All Stars
Favourite All Time Footballer: 
Alan Shearer
Favourite Game (other than FM of course!): 
In the past it would be games like Half Life, Tomb Raider, Goldeneye 64, ISS 64 & Sensible Soccer, but in the present day Skyrim wins hands down. FM is and will always be my first love though!
Proudest moment in your career: 

Starting my coaching qualifications through work, which led to an opportunity to help coach the QPR Ladies team during the most successful period in their history. We won a couple of cups and the South West Combination League and promotion to the FA Women's Premier League. Meeting Alan Shearer through work was also a real highlight


The SI Team

The Sports Interactive studio is now just shy of 100 employees spread across Development, Production, QA, PR & Marketing, Analysis, Commercial and IT. Sports Interactive is headed up by Studio Director Miles Jacobson and creators of Football Manager, Paul and Ov Collyer, are both still at the studio concentrating on their passion for programming. 

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